“I’ve known and worked with Lydia for over 30 years. Over time, her zeal for her work has only increased. She is extremely reliable and effective in everything she does. The Turkish-American community has benefitted immensely from her dedication to the cause.”
(Lincoln McCurdy, President of The Turkish Coalition of America)

“Lydia Borland is high-energy, results-oriented, and understands how decision making works both in Washington and internationally. She has amassed an incredible number of contacts in Congress, business, NGOs, and the diplomatic community.”
(The Honorable Robert Livingston)

“Lydia Borland is a well-connected and likable Washington insider who is results driven, persuasive, and genuine. She is always well informed, speaks several languages, and gives all of her clients 100%. This has contributed to her mass number of contacts which include members of the U.S. Congress, foreign governments, and the policymaking community at large. In short… she’s the best!!! I recommend LB International Solutions LLC with confidence…”
(Ajla Delkic, Executive Director, Advisory Council for Bosnia and Herzegovina)

“LB International Solutions LLC consistently outperforms the larger firms in Washington, D.C. with its creativity and stealth-like deliverables. Lydia is an exceptional hands-on leader in her field.”
(Meto Koloski, non-profit professional and expert on Trans-Atlantic relations)

“I think everyone knows Lydia Borland, She’s a great friend, an ally, and we have worked together so many times on so many things and so many people, not just myself, have listened.”
(US Congressman Steve Chabot)

“Lydia is a star in her industry. Her excellence derives from her deep connections in Washington and around the world, which can only come from decades of lobbying and consulting experience. However, what sets Lydia apart from the others is her workhorse-like dedication to her clients and hands-on approach. Her multicultural and multilingual background is a plus– and makes all the difference in a field plagued by the mundane.”
(LBIS LLC Client)