What we do

LB International Solutions LLC is a is a multi-service consulting firm focused on Government Affairs and lobbying, international business development, grass roots campaigns, political fundraising, compliance, and PAC management.

Led by Washington veteran, Lydia Borland, LB International Solutions LLC has a keen understanding of how US policy can reflect the views of businesses and the non-profit community.

LB International Solutions LLC has successfully created and managed campaigns to secure financial assistance and favorable legislation for clients residing in the United States and abroad.  The firm also facilitates international business development for American companies overseas and for foreign companies in the United States. Additionally, LB International Solutions has extensive experience in trade promotion and market development, helping businesses identify and partner with international companies.

Currently LB International Solutions, LLC, utilizes its unique expertise to provide consulting services to The Gephardt Group, The Livingston Group, and other companies.

See below for a full list of services provided by LB International Solutions LLC:

Government Affairs and Lobbying
Political Fundraising, Compliance, and PAC Management
Grass Roots Campaigns
Business Matchmaking
Matchmaking between Native American Tribe-owned Businesses and International Companies
Public Speaking and Thought Leadership
International Business Development